Agak serba salah juga sebenarnya sebab took a week untuk siapkan kasut yang ditempah ni. Dengan tiba-tiba kerja tak cukup tangan nak siapkan. Tapi walau macam mana pun, akhirnya dapat juga siapkan. For today's entry, I thought of posting steps on how I painted the shoe. Hopefully it's useful for some :)

Step 1 :
Get a pair of shoe ! The paint that'll be use later are all depends on the type of shoe you're using. For example, if you're using a cotton-type shoe, then you'll need to paint it with cotton-type paint. As for me, I'm just going to use acrylic-type paint - it's good for many surfaces, quick dry and water resistant.

Step 2 :
Paint the base ! Before we even start sketching on the shoes, it's good to actually paint the base first. You'll draw much easier and the color of the design later would look much nicer and brighter. Here, I used acrylic of Maries and Pebeo.

Step 3 :
Sketch ! Use pencil to lightly sketch your design on the shoes. You don't want to draw it hard cus it'll be visible when you paint over. You might also want to sketch on a piece of paper first and get the right measure - just to be sure.

Step 4 to 7 :
Paint ! Start by painting the parts one by one according to color. You don't want to keep on changing your brush or washing it everytime you're changing different colors. So, let's paint by colors. Once you get the design to pop out (which is the main character of the design), you might want to draw the outline with black marker to give clear view between the background and it. You may use any type of water-resistant art marker. Thickness based designs. Here I used Pilot CD/DVD marker.

Step 8 :
Touch up! Make it perfect ! Or at least the best you could. For some, they even spray the shoe with clear paint to protect it from the rain/weather. It's totally up to you :)