It’s a very nerve-racking day. Hope that I got the event calendar of the year right. Intentions of leaving the company seem to get blown-off by the absolute increment surprise. Let’s give it another shot right? 

Yesterday’s lunch was great. Rice, fish curry and some veggies are just what I need. But todays are just awesome! The Bearded Lady cafe is so amazing. With classic @ vintage + modern touch + a Saturday Night Fever’s stage created such a superb envo feelings. You guys should try the Chicken Pie. Memang sedap! They serve great coffees + French-Asian bakes and delights. Another lepak port!

They’re located at SS15, Subang Jaya. Same row with Rakuzen – in front of Sime Darby Medical Centre aka Subang Jaya Medical Centre.

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*pictures from their Facebook.

Agak serba salah juga sebenarnya sebab took a week untuk siapkan kasut yang ditempah ni. Dengan tiba-tiba kerja tak cukup tangan nak siapkan. Tapi walau macam mana pun, akhirnya dapat juga siapkan. For today's entry, I thought of posting steps on how I painted the shoe. Hopefully it's useful for some :)

Step 1 :
Get a pair of shoe ! The paint that'll be use later are all depends on the type of shoe you're using. For example, if you're using a cotton-type shoe, then you'll need to paint it with cotton-type paint. As for me, I'm just going to use acrylic-type paint - it's good for many surfaces, quick dry and water resistant.

Step 2 :
Paint the base ! Before we even start sketching on the shoes, it's good to actually paint the base first. You'll draw much easier and the color of the design later would look much nicer and brighter. Here, I used acrylic of Maries and Pebeo.

Step 3 :
Sketch ! Use pencil to lightly sketch your design on the shoes. You don't want to draw it hard cus it'll be visible when you paint over. You might also want to sketch on a piece of paper first and get the right measure - just to be sure.

Step 4 to 7 :
Paint ! Start by painting the parts one by one according to color. You don't want to keep on changing your brush or washing it everytime you're changing different colors. So, let's paint by colors. Once you get the design to pop out (which is the main character of the design), you might want to draw the outline with black marker to give clear view between the background and it. You may use any type of water-resistant art marker. Thickness based designs. Here I used Pilot CD/DVD marker.

Step 8 :
Touch up! Make it perfect ! Or at least the best you could. For some, they even spray the shoe with clear paint to protect it from the rain/weather. It's totally up to you :)

Quick drop out before leaving the office. Semalam ada receive new order. Masa dekat conference, the design dah drafted out. Tak dapat nak focus with work. I guess I’m just de-motivated. Tak boleh nak buat apa dah. Day by day just tunggu masa untuk hantar surat resign. Tapi yang pastinya, by early February it should have been ousted out from my desk. So, since the design dah buat, ingatkan sampai rumah nak terus buat. Tapi cuma sempat color the base je. Mata dah terlalu berat. Letih sangat agaknya – spent the whole day at the booth, trying to get people do the survey. Wearing the shoes of surveyors, I know now how hard it is to convince the public.

Email inbox dah berhabuk. Ada invitation 5 bulan lepas. Terlepas lagi. Dulu tak yakin dengan kebolehan sendiri. Atau mungkin sebenarnya terlalu sibuk. Ya lah, nak mencari pekerjaan tetap. Yang mampu menanggung diri sendiri. Usia pun semakin tua. Alhamdulillah, azam tahun lepas tercapai. Tapi, I am not happy with my job. I don’t want to not be happy for long. Mungkin dengan menggunakan kebolehan yang ada, mampu membuatkan diri lebih gembira. Insya’allah. Harap-harap azam tahun ini akan tercapai. Usaha tangga kejayaan.

Hello all ! I'd like to inform that our blog-site is up and running. I do still have a couple of links which are broken - in which the page is still under construction. But, I'm on my way of getting it done.

It's the year of 2014. Happy New Year to all ! It's been a breath-taking year of 2013. I am so happy to say that I've accomplished my last year's resolution. And for this year around, one of my resolution is to bring back Doodle Junk to life. I know it's been an every year's resolution, but for some reason, I really feel like THIS IS THE YEAR.

I have been working in three different types of organization in the past two years - private sector, the Government and the NGO. I know that the experiences I've gained are nothing compared to those who've been working for ages. But, when I looked at people around me, I felt that there are much more than these... whatever these are. I envy people that live their life the way they wanted and they survived.

Every morning when I drive to work, there's this ad in the radio - "live your life, do what you want, pursue your dream". And it's not just talking about the fun life but rather more to building the career based on what you've been dreaming of becoming. Living in this era, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. So, this time, I'm going to really take this to the next level and really try to make this a success.

Luckily cupcakes dah baked semalam. Takut on that day nanti tak sempat pula. Mula-mula thought of buat semua design bola sepak sebab Faizal loves soccer, tapi rasanya macam tak best pula. So, I just buat random designs :)
The plan went well. We all first gathered at the Briyani Gam Johor @ Sri Kembangan. Sementara Syafarees berlakon yang kononnya kereta dia rosak and called Faizal to come, I went to the nearest grocery store to buy some telur and a packet of flour. Sekejap je, and Faizal dah sampai. While he's busy tengok enjin, we all datang from the back and suprises him with dashes of eggs and flour. Ada juga kereta yang tak bersalah terkena telur. Nasib baik tuan kereta tak ada.

Right after, we all went to rumah Faizal dulu sebab dia nak mandi and get changed. Ada futsal malam ni katanya. We all pun tunggu dekat luar rumah. Immediately Faizal keluar and tried to get something from his car, terkena lagi... Letih-letih member mandi, siap-siap nak main futsal, dah kotor balik. Tapi nekad futsal punya pasal, pergi juga without mandi. Lagipun tepung je. Kering.

It was a night to remember.

Thanks to all yang menjayakan the surprise !

"Happy birthday Jal... aku muda lagi... hekkhekk" - Izhar -

"Happy birthday pejai" - Masnur -
"Maka dengan ini, hari ini, maka termaktublah ko dah 26 tahun ! Happy Birthday Jallll !!!" - Hadi -

"Happy birthday jal.. (baru bangun)" - Syafarees -

"Happy birthday pejeiiii !!!" - Shazana -

"Happy birthday pejaii. Sweet 26." - Putri -

"Pejeii!! Happy Birthday!! Have a blast brotha faizal" - Along -

"Selamat Hari Jadi ke 26 pejall !" - Faruq - 

Best credit goes to Nurul Yasmin for helping out with the cuppies.

This coming Friday, 10th January is my best friend's birthday. So, ingatkan nak buatkan satu cake or cupcake fondant. Since dia suka sangat dengan bola sepak, so maybe kita buat design bola lah. Black-color-fondant dah beli (malas nak buat), but then the white color ones tak ada lah pula. Dah habis. So, ibu dah belikan white marshmallow untuk buat white fondant. 

The plan is to surprise him on the 8th. So, mungkin kena prepare the cake tomorrow which is 7th. Takut nanti clumsy pulak on the 8th tu. Nak buat tonight, I felt so tired - sebab tadi dekat office ada a little gotong-royong. Hopefully jadi lah esok ! :)


Just yesterday, ada tertengok one youtube video of the easiest way to buat fondant. In which, cuma perlukan marshmallows, air and gula! So balik je, apa lagi... operasi lah. Memang senang sangat nak buat. First of all, kita cairkan mashmallows tu dalam microwave for about 1 minute. But then, make sure ada dua sudu besar air dalam mangkuk marshmallows tu. Entah kenapa pun tak tahu. Mungkin untuk make sure ada kelembapan and the marshmallows tu tak hangit kot. Anyway, right after that one minute, kita gaulkan marshmallow yang dah cair tadi supaya dia sebati. And then, kita masukkan icing sugar. Sukatan for marshmallows and sugar adalah sama banyak kot. Tak ingat pulak. Tapi yang pasti, memang air cuma dua sudu besar je. Senang kan? Tiga bahan je. I’m pretty sure you guys can browse over youtube for the video. Selamat mencuba! J